Berliner LabOoo ;-)

For the first time the LabOo from Geneva went on a little artistic exploration to Potsdam, close to Berlin. We were very curious about exploring movement and different kinds of film making so we invited Katka and Magda to loosen up our bodies and our minds by passing along some crazy moves and being rolled over the floor by a partner completely relaxed. We ended up with one specific movement that we carried over into collective time-lapse videos, slowmotion video’s and stop motion video’s that allowed us to see our movements in completely different ways. Especially the slowmotion video gave us all a very different perspective on our movement and our bodies as every little motion was visible. We then made individual video’s with our movements and we wrote a poem for this one movement in slow motion. We finished the day with a little keezy poetry jam to celebrate our movement. 
Big hugs,